Spam Apology


I woke up this morning 04.16.2016 to find that there were issues with the blog site. I had to republish articles in order to make them viewable to anonymous users.

Unfortunately the republish activity this resulted in new emails being sent out to all subscribers for each and every post — 100 emails or so!

Just wanted to apologize for cluttering your inboxes — I’m really sorry about this.  If this happened to me I’d probably unsubscribe from this idiot’s blog.

At any rate, now that I know that re-publishing results in additional emails going out, I’ll research ways to turn off notifications in the instance that this ever happens again.

I suppose this email represents additional clutter too, but at this point, I figured, what’s the difference?

Thanks for rolling with the mess.

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23 Responses to Spam Apology

  1. Joe (arebelspy) says:

    I don’t get emails, but am subscribed via RSS, and the title for this post in my RSS reader was “Error: Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found,” so something may be a bit off there, as well. Just a heads up. 🙂

    • livafi says:

      Uh, not sure what you were seeing there? My RSS feed seems ok. Please do let me know if you’re still seeing issues?

      • John D says:

        This made me smile, because it sounds so much like what I’d say at my SW Eng / IT job when someone comes to me with a problem and I have no clue how to help them: “Hmm…it looks OK to me…are you still seeing issues?”

        It looks like, even once you leave the work force, such tech issues still need to be resolved from time to time hah.

      • Stockbeard says:

        Did you try turning it off and on again?🙂

      • livafi says:

        I see you’ve been watching the IT crowd.
        What a great show.

  2. Lucie says:

    A Dr Doom picture would have been appropriate for this post about doomy spam ^^

    • livingafi says:

      While not exactly what you were looking for, your comment did inspire me to include a picture. It’s about the best I could do given my current Fantastic Four collection, which is where I go hunting for appropriate images.

  3. Karen says:

    not a problem. It’s easy to click a few keys on my end. It took very little time to take care of my in box this morning. I have had hours and hours of enjoyment and emotional resonance reading your posts in my own path toward Independence. Karen

  4. Deb Burtner says:

    All good, finding some posts I missed and enjoying them. Nice blog – keep writing!


  5. G-dog says:

    Well, I thought you were running for office because it was ALMOST as many daily emails as I get from my candidate of choice!

    • livafi says:

      If I had social media buttons on this blog I would have clicked like or thumbs up on this. We went through that back early March – very glad it’s over now.

  6. No worries. It actually alerted me to several posts of yours from the past that I hadn’t yet read. 🙂

  7. Hi

    Completely understand, from a fellow blogger! I accidentally pressed publish on a post the other day before it should have gone out (as it referred to a guest post I was about to have published on another blogger’s site).

    On the upside, the gremlins in your blog have brought to my attention your previous posts which look very interesting, just finished the one about FI and friends which resonated with me.

    Ironic maybe …

    • livafi says:

      Appreciate the thoughtful comment. I know my takeaway should be “it happens” and it’s good to have the proper perspective on these sorts of things. It’s just a blog.

      But at the same time — man, I just hate being the cause of a lot of junk email for people.😀

  8. Retire29 says:

    Lol,This is funny. No worries man!-Eric @ Retire29—- On Sat, 16 Apr 2016 08:32:24 -0700 Living a FI wrote —-livingafi posted: “I woke up this morning 04.16.2016 to find that there were issues with the blog site. I had to republish articles in order to make them viewable to anonymous users.Unfortunately the republish activity this resulted in new emails being sent out to all s”

  9. Mr. SSC says:

    Holy shit, you weren’t kidding! Lol I’ve sent out my last couple of posts twice both due to um… Actually being near the computer when it was supposed to go out and seeing, “error – time missed” I was like WTF computer?! And reset it and it sent it out both times lol. Oh well, we’re not infallible. Like Steve mentioned I did realize I’ve never gone back to the beginning of living a FI. Things to read now, so thanks!

  10. victoriaboast says:

    No worries!

    I got excited at first, I thought you’d put up a new blog post.

    Thank you so much for writing your blog, I really really enjoy it.



    Sent from my iPhone


  11. Squeaky Wheel says:

    Would love an update post!

  12. thowaway says:

    MF DOOM doesn’t care that your using his comics in your blog??

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