August 2014 Expenses

These new Yoda dollar bills seem to destroy themselves somehow...

Dammit, Yoda, I need that!

It’s time to run the numbers for this month.


Category Total Notes
Mortgage 793
Taxes 320
Groceries 162
Restaurants 126 I admit it: There was some convenience eating-out this month. See notes.
Utilities 81 Electricity
Cable 75 Phone, ISP, Cable
Cell 27 Ting
Medical 0
Pharmacy 14 odds and ends
Clothes 62 fancy new running shoes.  probably too fancy.
Café/Coffee Out 29
Entertainment 89
  • $16 AWS blog hosting
  • $16 concert
  • $7 for 5 used PS2 games
  • $50 registration 1/2 marathon
Gas 51
Other 342 Helped my Mom move out of a single-family to senior housing, multiple costs
Vitamin A(lcohol) 0
Misc – Wallet stolen 47 Lost 22 cash, 25 to replace license.
Total 2218



  • I helped my mom move into senior housing and paid for a variety of related expenses. This included some convenience eating-out due to a couple of intense days of packing and cleaning, a u-haul charge I fronted, some misc, for a total of $342.  File this under “it’s always something…”
  • Wasted $50 on getting my wallet stolen.
  • Second clothing purchase of the year – got some fancy new running shoes.  Old ones are falling apart — it’s time.  I have my first half-marathon coming up in November and I’ve heard that it’s good to have functioning knees to run those sorts of things.


Yearly Total

January 2106
February 2013
March 2305
April 2043
May 1876
June 3036
July 2109
Aug 2218
Total  17806


Net Worth Update

Taxable Mutual Funds 281K
Taxable Cash (CDs) 40K
Retirement 401(k) 311K
Retirement Roth 99K
Home Equity 125K
Total  856K

Market’s hit all time highs, so there’s been a jump in NW from 840 to 856.

This is why we stay in.  Sure, you can argue we’re in bubble times, but no one knows how long things are going to be this way or what the correction will look like when it comes.

Sticky notes on expense tracking

  • The expenses listed represent half of our total household expenses.  I’m 50% of a DINK couple.  The same is true for net worth.  I only list my personal stash — my wife has her own and I’m not tracking it on this blog.  Yeah, we’re completely spoiled.
  • You’ll notice that there is no mention of car insurance here. I pay my premium annually in June. There’s a 10% discount for paying 12 months in advance, which is a pretty good return on investment.
  • Similarly, there’s also no mention of home insurance.  We pay the yearly premium annually in full every March.
  • There are menus at the top of the blog (Finances->2014->Month) if you are interested in additional reports.
  • I’ve also logged an account of my financial history


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10 Responses to August 2014 Expenses

  1. G-dog says:

    Adding error in ‘entertainment’ – should this be $89? I am adding this in my head, which I used to be quite good at doing, now not so much…

  2. Very interesting that you and your wife divide up your expenses and net worth. Do each of the categories listed represent a 50/50 division? In other words, is your full monthly mortgage payment $1,586? Or am I reading that incorrectly? Thanks so much for sharing–I’m always interested to read about how others manage and report their finances.

  3. LivingAFI,

    That’s a pretty solid month right there! And your net worth is impressive, especially considering your age and the fact that it represents just your end of the household.

    I read your target date for FI is spring 2015. Will that be difficult with a sizable portion of your net worth tied up in the 401(k) and home equity? I’ve been pursuing taxable accounts only to unlock income as early as possible. Looks like you have a healthy Roth account as well, but just looking at liquid, accessible funds and you might be a bit short, no? Although, a home downsize might get you there, as you’ve already noted.

    Best wishes!

    • livingafi says:

      Thanks for the kind words – I always feel like there’s lots of room for improvement, though. The leanest MMM savers really put me to shame. To answer your questions: 1) Downsizing will bring PITI from 1100/mo to $300/mo or less, a savings of $800/mo and nearly 10K annually, making my yearly spend about 16-17K. Even if I spend 20K (assuming I do some travel and that sort of thing) this is still under 3% of my liquid assets, which should provide a really good cushion. 2) Truth is that I actually have close to 300K in taxable accounts. The breakout is close to 300/taxable 300K Traditional IRA, 100K Roth. Re: fund access, my plan is to tap my taxable account for the first decade while building up a traditional-to-roth ira pipeline. The pipeline method allows you to (eventually) access your 401(k) funds prior to retirement age without penalty. If you’re interested in the full details of the plan, please check out the drawdown (link) post.

  4. Amanda G. says:

    Dude, I am waiting to hear about year 13 and beyond!

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