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  1. Michael says:

    You may have inspired me to start a blog with this post…

    Also, your point that frugality isn’t the end in and of itself is a very important concept that lots of FIRE blogs kind of miss. One of the reasons your blog has been so interesting to me is that you’re really not personal finance nerd (not that good old fashioned MMM frugality can’t sometimes be satisfying). I can relate to the fact that you don’t really derive pleasure just from the act of being frugal. You’ve recognized the value of frugality in the context of a FIRE lifestyle, but you’ve also recognized that, at the end of the day, the frugality “game” isn’t the most rewarding thing in the world.

    If I could convince myself that being frugal is The Most Satisfying Thing, my life would probably be easier. It certainly seems like some bloggers believe this (MMM), but I can’t do it. I realize that not spending money on bullshit is important if I want to RE, and as a result I have a pretty high SR. I’m proud of that.

    But like you said, the reason for my high SR is not because having a high SR is satisfying in itself. It’s a means to and end. The Livingafi blog is a super important part of the FIRE literature out there right now because (in my opinion) most consumers out there considering FIRE lean toward the Livingafi viewpoint of frugality.

  2. Hey, great blog you have here! I am happy I found it.

    Question: are you really working less than when you had a job? Thanks

    • livafi says:

      Is this question, as the kids would say, for serious?

      I’ve freed up 40+ hours of high-energy, terrific hours in the week which I use to pursue other interests. (Yes, some of those interests might seem like work to other people, e.g. taking care of my nephews but they register internally as leisure. It’s stuff I choose to do for zero pay.)

      Not only that, but because I can do my sort of “weekend errand” tasks during the week (think: grocery shopping or auto-maintenance) they take less time because I’m not fighting crowds. In other words I run my chores more efficiently.

      I suppose it depends on how you strictly define work. But yeah, I think according to most people’s standards and ideas of work, I’m working a crapton less.

      And that’s science.

  3. AW says:


    When are we going to get another blog post? I really enjoyed reading them and would like to hear what you’ve been up to. I hope you’ve just been relaxing and haven’t been turned off of blogging by some of the responses to your guns & Obamacare posts.

    Looking forward to an update!

  4. Kris says:

    We miss you Doom.

  5. Alexander says:

    We do miss you! Hope you are okay.

  6. says:

    I need more Doom in my life!

  7. Dwight Schrutte says:

    Please come back Doom!

  8. Kyle A Spanski says:

    We miss you Doom!

  9. andrew says:

    It has been three year and we are coming up on another election. Two of the last three years had stellar markets. Give me an update on your jobless days, portfolio performance, passive income performance.

  10. John-Jo says:

    Would be cool if you made a new post in these trying times

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