Unloading Guns From A Portfolio


Quick disclaimer:  I can’t recommend that readers perform the actions I’ve taken, so be aware while reading I’m not suggesting that everyone should follow my lead here. Please don’t, at least not before carefully thinking through the implications. Most people implement alternate solutions to solving their own moral dilemmas caused by index investing.  (There are tons of good suggestions in the comments.)

Another mass shooting here in America occurred last weekend, the worst ever, half a hundred dead, a like number wounded, all caused by one crazy asshole unleashing not exactly unimaginable horror on innocents.

Of course, it’s not unimaginable because it happens all the fucking time in this country.

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Spam Apology


I woke up this morning 04.16.2016 to find that there were issues with the blog site. I had to republish articles in order to make them viewable to anonymous users.

Unfortunately the republish activity this resulted in new emails being sent out to all subscribers for each and every post — 100 emails or so!

Just wanted to apologize for cluttering your inboxes — I’m really sorry about this.  If this happened to me I’d probably unsubscribe from this idiot’s blog.

At any rate, now that I know that re-publishing results in additional emails going out, I’ll research ways to turn off notifications in the instance that this ever happens again.

I suppose this email represents additional clutter too, but at this point, I figured, what’s the difference?

Thanks for rolling with the mess.

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Early Retirement Bites

Take me back!

I’ve made a terrible mistake!

I quit my job about a year ago.

My last day was April 17th, 2015, to be exact.

At this point I’ve got close to twelve full months of my new life under my belt.  That’s plenty of data, if you ask me.

And it’s become clear that, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the dream of early retirement more closely resembles a nightmare.

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A Return to Work


Well, it’s not a return exactly.  Not in the ordinary sense of the word.

What I’ve actually been doing is reading some of my old anger diary entries.  This feels like entering a time warp leading back to my old life, living out days as a technology worker, even though I’m still happily living without any paycheck whatsoever.

Mental. Return. Only.

At this point you’re probably wondering what an anger diary is. Good question!

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Definitely Not Purpose


Disclaimer.  Yet again, there’s no talk of finances in this one.  Instead I’m discussing some of my post-working life in a very casual, journal-y way.  Additional warning:  It’s intensely personal.  If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, well then, absolutely no worries.  That’s what the back button on your browser is for.

My mom called last Sunday night.

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About Blogging…


The lobstered gauntlets come off prior to settling in at the keyboard

Fact:  Virtually everyone individual who runs a blog eventually writes meta-articles on what it’s like to author one, how things are going, why and how you might become a blogger too, and so on.

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2015 Spending Postmortem

I wish it were this easy to run the yearly numbers.

I wish it were this easy to run the yearly numbers.

I haven’t done one of these types of posts in a while but I feel it’s worthwhile to capture our spending picture for 2015.

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