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Home Ownership: A Retrospective and Beyond

My wife and sold our home in early 2015, and we did it mostly to enable us to comfortably quit our jobs.

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How to Think About Market Downturns

I was working through my personal mid-year financial evaluation this week, only to discover there’s been something close to panic in the global markets of late.

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Taking a Gap Year

I’ve recently realized that I should have taken significant time away from work prior to retiring instead of slogging straight through my career since graduating from university, 1999 to 2015, with hardly a letup. Why have I come to this conclusion?  What … Continue reading

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Top Zero Things I Learned From a Financial Planner

Last week, I met with a certified financial planner (CFP) to discuss my impending early retirement.

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November 2014 Expenses

  Another month, another expense report.  This time it’s November.

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July 2014 Expenses

  This month I’m crunching expenses a couple of days early.

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June 2014 Expenses

Let’s take a relaxing breather from those uber-lengthy Job Experience posts and instead crunch some numbers for June.

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Steal This Blog

A few people have asked me, via email, whether or not I’m generating any revenue from blogging.  So I’ll state, once and for the record, the truth on this.

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Drawdown Part 5: Validation

We’ve made it.  Through careful analysis, data crunching, and charting, the SuperPlan has been validated.

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Drawdown Part 4 : Examples

It’s time to take the results of our work in previous posts and run them through the meat grinder of time to see what sort of sausage comes out the other end. Will it be a tasty link of brat? … Continue reading

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