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Considering life that hasn’t happened yet.

Definitely Not Purpose

Disclaimer.  Yet again, there’s no talk of finances in this one.  Instead I’m discussing some of my post-working life in a very casual, journal-y way.  Additional warning:  It’s intensely personal.  If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, well then, absolutely no worries. … Continue reading

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How to Think About Market Downturns

I was working through my personal mid-year financial evaluation this week, only to discover there’s been something close to panic in the global markets of late.

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Building a Vision of Life Without Work

The number one question that people ask once you tell them you’re considering early retirement is:  What will you do with your time?

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Top Zero Things I Learned From a Financial Planner

Last week, I met with a certified financial planner (CFP) to discuss my impending early retirement.

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When I was in my twenties I didn’t much care about charities.  I mean, who really does when they’re younger, anyway?  For many people, it takes an event that affects you or the ones you love to get you interested … Continue reading

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Report Card and Blog Goals Update

When I started this blog in early January, I had a few simple goals.

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Drawdown Part 5: Validation

We’ve made it.  Through careful analysis, data crunching, and charting, the SuperPlan has been validated.

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Drawdown Part 4 : Examples

It’s time to take the results of our work in previous posts and run them through the meat grinder of time to see what sort of sausage comes out the other end. Will it be a tasty link of brat? … Continue reading

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Drawdown Part 3 : Strategy

There are only three things that are guaranteed in the life of a super early retiree:  death, taxes, and second-guessing your personal approach to quitting your job and taking distributions.

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Drawdown, Part 2 : Simulation

Ahh, simulators.  Every aspiring early-retiree has played around with online calculators that tell you whether or not you have enough money to retire.  But only a couple of them are actually useful.  Let’s explore some simulators and their relative value … Continue reading

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