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Considering life that hasn’t happened yet.

Drawdown, Part 1 : The Basics

It’s time to talk about accessing your stash in retirement.

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Three Weeks Off Series, Part 3: Wrap-up

  I’ve returned to the office after being off of work for three straight weeks.

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Three Weeks Off Series, Part 2

Confession:  Toward the end of my second week off, I had a nightmare.

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Family and FI

So you’re on the path to financial independence, and you’re wondering what details to share with your family.

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Three Weeks Off Series, Part 1

Most weekends don’t feel all that restful because of errands.

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Quiz: Revealing Your Inner FI

  So you’ve reached your FI number and you’re ready to walk the plank off the good ship Employment to see what awaits you in the wide-wide world.

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How to Pull the Trigger

  One way or another, the final year of employment hurts.

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