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Drawdown Part 3 : Strategy

There are only three things that are guaranteed in the life of a super early retiree:  death, taxes, and second-guessing your personal approach to quitting your job and taking distributions.

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Drawdown, Part 2 : Simulation

Ahh, simulators.  Every aspiring early-retiree has played around with online calculators that tell you whether or not you have enough money to retire.  But only a couple of them are actually useful.  Let’s explore some simulators and their relative value … Continue reading

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Drawdown, Part 1 : The Basics

It’s time to talk about accessing your stash in retirement.

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Better Versus Happier

Pop Quiz #1 : Which phone would you rather have?

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Take Vacation and Still Retire Early

I had a request from a reader to discuss taking vacations in the context of early retirement.

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Financial Tailwinds

  Your net worth directly affects your salary.  If it’s negative, your salary goes down. Positive, and it goes up.

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Play Videogames on the Cheap

I recently decided that I won’t be cutting video games from my budget after quitting my job.

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Your Paystub Lies

Look your paystub in the eyes and ask it how much you make.

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Mistakes Were Made

I’ve done my share of financially stupid things.

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