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Set of postings describing the development of the FI mindset as it evolved over the years.

Taking a Gap Year

I’ve recently realized that I should have taken significant time away from work prior to retiring instead of slogging straight through my career since graduating from university, 1999 to 2015, with hardly a letup. Why have I come to this conclusion?  What … Continue reading

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Becoming a Saver

I was having dinner with an old friend from university a few nights ago and he expressed disbelief that I was able to retire early.

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Midlife FI-sis

Toward the midpoint of 2013, after an extended period of the blues, I finally admitted that there was something fairly wrong with my life.

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The Job Experience, Academia: Year #13 – Present

  We’ve made it to the last entry in the Job Experience series of posts.

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The Job Experience, Hell: Year #12

Most jobs are a mixed bag. In most cases, the sum of the parts end up being something you can live with for a while.  Year 12 wasn’t one of them.

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The Job Experience, MegaSoftwareCoSupport: Year #11

We’re thankfully close to the end of this whole Job Experience set of posts.  There are just three more employers to go.

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The Job Experience, StartupVille: Years #9 and #10

Fact:  Time flies when you’re having fun and drips like molasses when you’re not.

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The Job Experience, StartupVille: Year #8

Up to this point in my professional life, work had been a constant challenge.

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The Job Experience, IT Plumbing: Year #7

It’s Year 7 of my employment experience, and it’s changing me.

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The Job Experience, IT Plumbing: Year #6

My second year at FinancialCompany is, in many ways, different from any other year in my life because I began working for a legitimately horrible boss.

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