Site Changes


There have been some recent changes to the blog.

  • I added a menu item at the top, Other Stuff, which is a page of links to blogs, books, and calculators which have provided use along the way in my pursuit of FI.
  • I registered the domain (again).  For a short period of time this blog resolved solely as but now also works.
  • Old links to will continue to resolve.  You’ll see the URL in your browser auto-update to the address as you are redirected.
  • If you’re using a reader to see updates, it’d be best to follow (the new feed) rather than the old feed.  Posts will still be published to both feeds but having to see duplicates is pretty annoying.
  • If you’re receiving multiple notifications for new posts, or see any other seemingly site-related weirdness, I’d really appreciate a note about it so I can investigate.  Use contact form in the menu or post a comment.  Thanks!
  • Although today (Tuesday) is my standard publish day, there’s no real content coming out, as I wrote an off-cycle Saturday post instead.  Check back next Tuesday 02-10-2015 for the next one.
  • If you have anything in particular you are interested in hearing about, drop me a line. Otherwise I’m going to continue to crank out odd bits of ER-related transition-period experiences and challenges.

It feels strange not writing a 10-page monstrosity before hitting publish, but that’s all I’ve got today.

Happy FI’ing!

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4 Responses to Site Changes

  1. cadence says:

    I did get a notification ( in Feedly) for both the wordpress and standard flavor.

    • livafi says:

      Here’s what’s happening: There are two identical RSS feeds now. One for the ‘original’ site ( and one for the ‘new’ site ( In order to avoid duplicate feed notifications in reader, you should remove the original site

      In Feedly, you’ll see an option to delete sites under ‘organize,’ – just hit the X next to Living A FI (which is the wordpress site) and that should do it.

      Thanks for the heads-up, I suspect this is going to be an annoyance for many readers.

  2. Sergio says:

    By the way: just read your “3 weeks off” series and find it hilarious from a cultural relativism standpoint. Taking 3 continous weeks off is nothing special at all in most european countries. Almost everyone has 2 weeks off around Christmas by default. You usually get 25+ vacation days as a new hire, which goes up with seniority. And most countries have many more federal holidays than the US, often in the 20+ range. This is all paid vacation.

    As a reference, I know Europeans who work as programmers in the US. Many of them repeatedly take 3 months of unpaid leave, some of them every year. This idea that your work is your life identity and you need to have a special 3 week research project to find out what not working is even like seems super American to me 😉

    • livafi says:

      >> like seems super American to me 😉
      Yes, it is. Kind of pathetic, when I think about how much of the last 15 years of my life has been devoted to work. Most employers here provide 10 days to new employees, for the first several years. Lucky individuals who have put in their time — usually 3+ years — might go up to 15. Absurd. I like the European norms much better. They sound sane.

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