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Midlife FI-sis

Toward the midpoint of 2013, after an extended period of the blues, I finally admitted that there was something fairly wrong with my life.

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Leaving the Cushy Job

I have a pretty decent job, all things considered.  And I’m going to quit it anyway.

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2014 Spending Postmortem

I’m going to burn a post picking through last year’s expenses.

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December 2014 Expenses

I’m doing what must be the most premature month-end financial summary ever done, a whopping 12 days sooner than the regular schedule.

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November 2014 Expenses

  Another month, another expense report.  This time it’s November.

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October 2014 Expenses

Let’s do a no-frills expense entry for October.

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The One Where I Do The Last Post (for 2014)

It’s time to put an end to the blog for now.

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When I was in my twenties I didn’t much care about charities.  I mean, who really does when they’re younger, anyway?  For many people, it takes an event that affects you or the ones you love to get you interested … Continue reading

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September 2014 Expenses

Let’s take a quick look at how the ‘ol wallet finished up the last month of summer.

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Friends and FI

Friends and FI Everyone striving for the goal of financial independence will eventually run into the question of how to approach this subject with friends.

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