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Home Ownership: A Retrospective and Beyond

My wife and sold our home in early 2015, and we did it mostly to enable us to comfortably quit our jobs.

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I’m not a huge fan of blogs or Facebook pages that show the rosiness of peoples’ lives and nothing else.

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Done Detoxing

There’s this period of transition between full time employment and being settled in your post-work existence known as detox.  

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That Guy

I spent yesterday morning — a weekday, a Thursday — sitting on a chair outside a cafe enjoying the last bits of warm weather in New England, just reading and doing a bit of people-watching.  Toward the end of the … Continue reading

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How to Think About Market Downturns

I was working through my personal mid-year financial evaluation this week, only to discover there’s been something close to panic in the global markets of late.

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Three Months Of Early Retirement

If you were to boil down the multitude of reasons why I quit my job, eventually you’d be left with a single underlying hope:  I thought life would be better without one.

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Becoming a Saver

I was having dinner with an old friend from university a few nights ago and he expressed disbelief that I was able to retire early.

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